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Total Cost of Quality and Industry 4.0

Driving down total cost of quality is a critical directive shared by all quality leaders regardless of their industry or company size. But lowering costs without disrupting product quality, safety, efficacy, compliance and continuity, presents a major hurdle that may seem impossible to overcome; a problem that is compounded by the rise of 3D printing, automation, cloud computing, IoT, personalized medicine, and other emerging technologies within manufacturing.

Join Steve McCarthy as he discusses the bimodal challenge quality leaders are faced with. As reveals how to lay the foundation for a quality management system that uncovers cost-saving and value-add opportunities, and helps companies to thrive in this next stage of manufacturing.

Highlights from this webcast include:

  • The five imperatives all quality leaders face and their bimodal challenge. 
  • What total cost of quality is and why it is so difficult to measure.
  • How to leverage industry 4.0 technologies to drive continuous improvement.


Speaker 1

Steve McCarthy

VP of Digital Innovation
Honeywell Connected Life Sciences
Speaker 2

Gon Brown

Gettyimages, Founder
Speaker 3

Gon Brown

Gettyimages, Founder
Speaker 4

Gon Brown

Gettyimages, Founder

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