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Global Food and Beverage Company Protects its Brand with TrackWise®

Case Study

Global Food and Beverage Company Protects its Brand with TrackWise


One of the world’s leading food and beverage companies realized that they were managing business operations with separate regional systems resulting in a network of disparate IT systems that did not provide the visibility needed to share information or connect related processes across multiple divisions and locations.

They also wanted to have better visibility into their vast supplier network which provided numerous ingredients, raw materials and packaging to support global operations. Managing vendor product quality and specification requirements in a timely manner presented challenges to division leadership and exposed the company to risk of regulatory non-compliance and ultimately costly fines.

The company also realized that many of their quality processes were not standardized and resulted in compliance issues across the enterprise which contributed to regulatory compliance risk. The organization needed to streamline processes and develop a globally integrated platform with centralized control to build brands and monitor regulatory compliance while driving efficiencies and productivity.


The company evaluated and selected the TrackWise® Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS). Implementation began across the flavorings’ division.

In the early stages of implementation, several key processes were automated using the EQMS solution, and improvements in critical supplier quality processes and vendor nonconformance issue management were immediately reco

The team also streamlined procedures associated with nonconforming ingredient approvals and product deviation record tracking, which resulted in less errors and better track and traceability within their value chain. Finally, Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) were centralized in an integrated EQMS system to provide transparency across the enterprise.

Within a year, the system was rolled out to additional quality processes that would automate and manage internal auditing and observations, complaint management, deviations and defect management, and external supplier and third-party auditing requirements.

The division could also monitor and track the flow of raw materials from point-of-origin to point-of-use destinations to increase visibility throughout the value chain. Overall, the company utilized TrackWise to control about 20 business processes throughout the value chain. 


TrackWise has resulted in several improved outcomes for the organization including: 

  • Quality processes and indicators are centralized to support quick and efficient resolution to issues surrounding supplier finished goods or manufacturing or packaging output internally or at a third-party location.
  • Issues can be addressed early in the process so that nonconformance and noncompliance can be identified and appropriate measures can be taken to avoid costly consequences

After seeing the benefits of quality management and visibility across the enterprise, the company plans to extend the use of TrackWise EQMS solution to additional processes and divisions within the organization.


This leader in the  food and beverage industry has realized the benefits of TrackWise as a fully integrated quality management systems. With initial help from the TrackWise professional services team, the company used a flexible, systematic approach for reviewing its existing paper processes and implementing TrackWise features to automate and streamline operations while at the same time achieving complete control. The TrackWise platform has resulted in a harmonized system that allows the company to exchange information and monitor key metrics faster, with increased accuracy.