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A library of business applications, each designed to meet a specific life sciences use case, that helps companies improve business outcomes, product quality and patient safety.

Why Honeywell Life Sciences Applications Suite?

  • Overcome the challenges associated with siloed data and systems
  • Purpose-driven business apps - flexible, agile and responsive to evolving business demand
  • Leverages current data sources, IT architecture and systems of record
  • Automates data access through a connective data fabric that does not impose new data or IT infrastructures

Honeywell Product Quality Review (HPQR) application

Revolutionize annual product quality reviews by eliminating manual tasks, fostering collaboration, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring regulatory compliance for streamlined and error-free processes.

Honeywell Quality Management Review Application

Transform quality management reviews by removing dependency on slides, automating data analytics, and obtaining real-time, actionable insights that are a true value-add to the business.

Honeywell Recall Management

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