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Discover how Gedeon Richter transformed their Quality Management

On-Demand Webinar

Hear how leading European Pharmaceutical and Biotech company Gedeon Richter successfully implemented a digital quality management system to support their business goals and patient-centric mission.

Topics covered include:

  • About Gedeon Richter: who they are, and their quality management goals and challenges.
  • The QMS project and phased approach to successfully implementing 10+ quality processes enterprise-wide including custom objects.
  • Adopting the right project structure and managing project teams to ensure success.
  • Maintaining project performance, from requirements gathering through to validation, testing, and training
  • A glimpse into dashboard reporting and user management.
  • Managing through ad-hoc project challenges with agility and flexibility.
  • The importance of both product and partnership in achieving QMS success 


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Gon Brown

Gettyimages, Founder
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Gon Brown

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Gon Brown

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Gon Brown

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